Books Recommendations and reviews of any books you would like to tell the community about — Books ain’t what they used to be, what with datapads and all that content on the ‘net, but there’s just something about holding some sort of esoteric tome in your hands and thinking about what things must’ve been like back in the days before the ‘net. Me, I can’t even imagine not bein’ chipped in 24/7 and what it would be like not to have that constant contact. Don’t know what I’m talkin’ about? Go to Misty’s Esoterica…she’s got tons of that stuff. TTRPGs Any and all Table Top Role Playing Games are welcome here, of course with preference for cyberpunk-themed games — When your BD rig is burned and your cyberdeck’s on the fritz, sometimes you just gotta use your imagination and kick it old school. Don’t give me that look, kid… sure beats staring off into dead space when you ain’t got no eds nor any prospects for gettin’ some any time soon. Imagination don’t cost money, nozzlehead! Board games A space to talk about any and all board games and card games, whether old or new — Hey. Hey you! Yeah YOU chummer! You lookin’ for an analog experience? Something you can really feel and roll around in your hands? This is better than any trid or BD you have ever seen! Forget the digital, choom - ANALOG is where it’s at! Comics Manga, Golden Age, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse. If it’s somewhere between a book and a movie, it belongs here. — There’s this old saying: ‘See ya in the funny papers’ that my grandpa used to say whenever he’d leave after a visit. Me ‘an the boys busted into this ancient old shack out in the badlands one time lookin’ for a place to hide from Johnny Law and underneath the floorboards was this old box full of little books that were nothin’ but cartoons! This must’ve been what old Granddad meant. They weren’t even e-paper or holograms, choom! Jax started readin’ one called ‘Archie & Jughead’ and almost got us caught cuz he was laughin’ so hard. From that day on, we was callin’ him Jughead. Sweet Bartmoss, he hated that name. Video Games Discussions about video games and the consoles/PCs that run them — BDs are the ultimate escape, my choom! Some of these are even REALer than REAL, you get what I’m sayin’? You need a rig to run them on? I’ll hook you up. We’ve even got some of Judy Alvarez’s latest stuff in stock so slot that for an hour or two and watch the master at work.
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