[Closed] Cyberpunk Red: I'm looking for a group

So I’ve never played any of the Cyberpunk TTRPGs before, but I’d really really like to find a small group to play with and someone patient and friendly to DM. We have discord and could always use tabletop simulator or something else like that to play along.

My timezone is BST (GMT+1) but I’m happy to play with other folks in other timezones as long as things don’t go on too late (or else I will fall asleep :sleeping: ).

I’m very serious about wanting to play and so I hope I’ve come to the right place.
Weekends would be best for me but I can currently play during the week too. Would anyone else be interested in joining?

Potentially Interested People: (1GM and 5 Players)
@revengeday - GM
@SynAck - Player
@5tern1 - Player
@greygoo@madscientists.social - Player
@Sirs0ri - Player
@LevelUp - Player

Edit: I’ve found a group, thanks folks!

I might be interested in this, but since I’m in the US (currently in GMT -5), I think I could only play on the weekends with a team in Europe to accommodate the time difference since I’m usually shackled by the megacorps for 8+ hours a day.

I’ve got the Cyberpunk Red sourcebook and the Jump Start kit, but that’s it as far as materials go (but that should be enough as long as I’m not the GM). If you get a crew together for weekend play and still need an edgerunner to join the crew, let me know!

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GMT -5 is fine since I have a lot of friends in that timezone too. :smiley:

I’m only looking for once a month to start off, just because schedules are busy for a lot of people here. I’d rather it be something fun than a big commitment for now. If folks want to squeeze another game in before then I wouldn’t be mad. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I have the sourcebook and black chrome. I probably could have done with getting the jumstart kit haha. :sweat_smile:

3-4 players is probably enough, right?

It looks like @revengeday might be interested in being GM, @5tern1 has expressed interest and someone from another instance has expressed interest but we’ll see!

I’ll keep you in the loop, thank you for the reply, it would be really fun to see what kind of character you end up playing.

I might be interested as well, never played any of the cyberpunky TTRPGs but you gotta start somewhere, right?

I’ve been hesitant to say something because I’m not sure I have the spoons to commit to a regular (as in weekly-ish) game, but once a month something “rather fun than a big commitment” sounds so much more manageable all of a sudden!

I’ll ping you a message on Mastodon!

We’re starting off with a one shot then if people enjoy it we can continue the story. I don’t know if anyone has the spoons to play weekly (certainly not me) and I think a lot of people have commitments too so we’ll be easy going. :sweat_smile: For the more devoted people there are “Living Communities” / “Living Campaigns” for Cyberpunk Red games which seem to be quite popular and thriving on Discord.

It looks like we’ll be a beginner group, so this should be fun and it’s the perfect time to join!
After the one shot we’ll see if anyone would like to continue and if anyone would like to bow out.

If anyone bows out then someone else can join if they feel like it but for now I think that’s a great number of people for the group!

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that sounds perfect honestly, I can’t wait!

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great you found a group. I would have wanted to join but my work schedule just doesn’t allow it cause I work weekends.