Anybody else miss Riggers?

I started out as a Shadowrun player rather than Cyberpunk 2020, and one glaring omission that I find in the latter is that there’s no Rigger class. The closest that it has is really the “Techie” category, but that category doesn’t really have the notion of vehicle- or drone-specific virtual control. This sort of strikes me as odd, seeing as “jacking in” to a vehicle and controlling it as if you are the vehicle is a core concept that is espoused in cyberpunk lore as far back as Ghost In The Shell.

You sort of see it in Cyberpunk 2077 in limited capacities (controlling the Hammerhead drone or the turret on Panam’s truck), but there isn’t a whole class dedicated to people that get cyberware implanted specifically for jacking into bots and vehicles (and security systems!) as an extension of themselves to give a more fine-grained level of control. Claire is probably the closest character to a rigger in CP2077, but there’s not really any interfacing going on. You’d think that the Nomads would be all about that shit.

Anybody else miss the Rigger class? Anyone got any ideas as to why the Cyberpunk creators didn’t add it in, even as a sub-type?

That also struck me as an odd omission. I like the idea of a character class that operates and hacks on drones and bots. CP2077 has the Flat Top as well as drone recon ops (in the mission to rescue Saul). They just seem to treat it as a thing people just do rather than the skill of operating another “body” remotely.