CON REPORT: Genghis Con 2024, Denver, CO

I got to attend Genghis Con, a local 4-day gaming conference. I attended 3 of the 4 days, the opening Thursday was really only there for setup, etc, so I only went to pick up my badge. While there were plenty of board games, the focus of the conference seemed to be on TTRPGs and miniatures games. During my time at the conference, I played ~20hrs of games, attended a couple of panel talks, and did as little shopping as I could to appease my inner goblin.

Friday was my fullest day. I started the day at 10am, and finished at 10pm with two 20 minute breaks. I was exhausted! The first game, featured in the photos, was Rangers of Shadowdeep. The pyramid dungeon and miniatures were completely printed and painted by the GM, and they were beautiful. I’ve had a growing interest in miniature skirmish games, and I was not disappointed.

I’d planned for a break, but instead dropped in on a table that had an empty seat to play Pirate Borg. Pirate Borg is a Mork Borg hack written right here in my home town. It was a great time, every bit as lethal and gonzo as Mork Borg. I got to hang out with the author of the game for a minute, and now that I know what pub he hangs out in, I may have to manuever myself into a game soon.

Already exhausted, I joined a Shadowrun 6e session that I’d previously scheduled. I’ve been a big fan of Shadowrun for quite some time, but I’ve never managed to play. I played a high-class troll street samurai and I had a ton of fun. Shadowrun is a dice pool game, all d6. When my troll was fighting melee, I was rolling 17d6 per hit! Hilarious!

Saturday, I attended two talks. The first was a panel of GMs discussing “How to be the GM your players want you to be.” As a new GM of a couple of systems, this was quite relevant to me. I also got to listen to Luke Gygax talk about growing up with D&D. In between the talks, I joined a homebrew session, a Forged in the Dark hack where we played members of a mermaid mafia.

Sunday I only had one game, the one I as most excited about. We played a 4-hour session of Shadowdark, an OSR RPG that sits somewhere between Mork Borg and D&D. I think this was my favorite game. We had a great group, lots of role play, and only a few fatalities. I need to play more of the games I already have, but I see picking up a copy of Shadowdark sometime in the future.

As for my shopping, I really just stayed at the Free League table, where I bought the Feretory Mork Borg supplement and a beautiful copy of Death in Space. It was tempting to buy Cy_Borg, but cooler heads prevailed. I also finally bought a dice bag big enough to hold a few sets.


Wow, that Rangers of Shadowdeep setup is absolutely beautiful! I bet that was so much fun to play in, although I probably would have been so enamored with the set that I would forget to play the game! :smiley: wow, I’m just floored by that work. Amazing!

Sounds like you had a great time, and I’m totally jealous of that dice bag that you bought. That thing looks super cool!

Reminds me that I need to get my butt out to some gamecons. I haven’t been to one since the original PAX way back in… well, a long time ago. :slight_smile: Although I don’t know if I have your level of willpower to not come home with a truckload of games, books, and schwag that will probably not get played. :smiley:

I’m a little jealous that you got Death in Space, it’s sold out everywhere here :smiley:

Give me a little time, I think I’d be willing to run a game online, assuming we can find a time!

o_o i’m in!