Map Creation Tools

Hey all,

I’ve been running a Cyberpunk RED table for a few months now. I started with using an iPad and Procreate to make my maps. While this still seems like the most custom way to go about it, I was finding that I was spending many more hours on a given map than our players would spend on the map. Some of this is due to my lack of skill as an artist, but I couldn’t help but notice.

So, I had a friend of mine show me Dungeondraft, as he had a copy. I then used a couple of asset packs from a handful of creators that specifically make addons for the Dungeondraft product.

I was able to make in a single hour what was taking me upwards of 4 to produce by hand.

By default, the included asset packs are very Fantasy-oriented, but I have to wonder:

What are y’all using for map creation? Do you use a virtual tabletop ( VTT )?

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A few years back I got Campaign Cartographer on Humble Bundle, but I still haven’t tried it out. It’s focused on fantasy settings, but their may be some symbol packs that support other settings.

It’s Windows-only, but it’s listed as gold status in the Wine DB, so it may be reasonable to use on Linux.

I did a little bit of poking around for open source tools and found MapTool. All of the screenshots they show are fantasy settings, but it’s game agnostic and has some interesting features such as field of vision and fog of war. It also supports networking, so you can host a remote TTRPG.

It’s a Java-based desktop app, so it will run on any modern desktop platform. I’ll keep this one bookmarked so I can look into it later. It might be a fun one to contribute a cyberpunk tileset to if I ever have any spare time.

I use, and have a subscription to inkarnate. It’s very handy to be able to create custom maps as needed. I can bang out a map in an hour or two and often I end up making maps big enough that players spend more time in them than I spent making it which is nice. You can pick a ton of different styles as well. So my “world map” is done in an old map style, while town maps are often much cleaner and newer. Dungeon maps have their own distinct vibes and so on.