Board Games on the 'Net?

Anyone in the CI/Totentanz sphere playing board games on the net?

A year or two ago we were turned onto Board Game Arena to play games with people across the states/world, and they seem to work pretty well with the original creators.

Some of our favorite meatspace games are there, like Carcassonne, Wingspan, Azul, Coup, Fluxx, and tons of others.

Anyone else playing board games online? Are there sites to check out other than BGA? Recommendations for specific games to check out, even?

Any chooms interested in playing games sometime?


While I probably should be spending a lot more time on Board Game Arena, I unfortunately don’t for whatever reason.

The only online board game site that I’ve used was Tabletopia because they had Scythe on there and since I was playing it fairly regularly in meatspace with my neighbors across the street, I started playing online to up my game a bit. :wink: But it looks like they’ve got a good amount of games and stuff on it now, so it might be worth a look.

There’s also various and sundry mobile app versions of individual games, like I know there’s one for Scythe and I have Splendor on my phone, but I can’t vouch for their quality (the reviews of the Scythe app aren’t very favorable).