Gadgets Got a new gadget you want to show off? Need specs and recs on a new device? This is the forum for you! — Sometimes you just can’t slot all the tech you need to survive a run, so it pays to get to know your local techie to help you gear up. Get to know 'em well enough and they might even give you a discount, assuming you live long enough to claim it. Hardware Hacking Things you do that voids warranties and makes hardware do stuff it wasn’t designed to do — Hacking applies to just more than software, choom. The mantra of these types is ‘bigger, better, faster, stronger’ in any way possible. Have you ever seen a drop point become a holocall terminal, spout bad haiku to random gonks walkin’ by, and also brew coffee? Life hacks Ways to work the system without the need for a soldering gun. Whether it’s finding a new use for an old item or just ways to make life a little easier, this is the forum in which to discuss it. — If your low life is keepin’ you from the high tech, you have to use other means to survive the on the street. Punks have been gaming the system and turning it on it’s ear for a century now and you can get more out of life than you think of you just know where to look and have some imagination. Rules were meant to be broken, choombas. HOWTO This is the place for all your DIY projects and works-in-progress. If you’ve figured out some way to make something or do something and want to share it, this is the place to do it. — Every runner’s gotta start somewhere and you’ll need somebody to show you the ropes. We don’t all start out like Morgan Blackhand outta the gate, so find you a good crew that’s willin’ ta teach ya something so you don’t get your shiny new mantis blades sheared off on your first run.
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