Matrix and I will not be friends


I will probably give up the idea of running a matrix server. Matrix and I just aren’t going to be friends.

I’ve been trying to set it up for several days now and keep running into wild problems that I can’t explain.

I’m taking the instructions from Synapse and going through them as it says in the docs. Sometimes it works, then it half works, or it just doesn’t work at all.

I’m now not sure if I’m just too stupid for this or if the tech god has it in for me.

Speaking of stupid.

I have now solved it with yunohost but the funny thing is, even there our matrix instance does not run as smooth as it should.

So if any of you want to set up a matrix server for us, I’ll give you a VM :smiley:


Seems like so many of the non-mastodon/*key fediverse instances are troublesome to set up and maintain. They don’t have nearly as much love and attention to installation, I guess.

Kinda typical FOSS, IMO. Every setup doc or project should be tagged with YMMV by default. :grin:

I’m kind of noticing a theme with every non-microblogging decentralized system being an absolute pain to setup


Guess it’s time to wake up, Neo.


Seems like there hasn’t been enough user adoption of these other services to drive installation and usability development. Not like Mastodon and Misskey, at any rate. Microblogging sort of had to adapt quickly when Twitter melted down, but I think Pixelfed, Matrix, and Lemmy got caught with their collective pants down because nobody expected Instagram, Discord, and Reddit to follow the enshittification trend so quickly.


Seems like it, but I still feel like installation development should be a priority. How can you try to grow a decentralized network when it’s a headache for people to set it up?

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That’s my point. The devs were focused on the wrong priorities due, in large part I feel, to the attitude of “it’s FOSS so the community will fix it”. But nobody has because everyone’s always got a unique setup and people fix their own installations and then don’t pass on the knowledge or merge it in.

I’d be willing to give it a try. I’ve set up and still maintain a Matrix server, so if my notes and scripts are worth their salt, it shouldn’t be too much trouble. (Ha, famous last words!)

I’ll DM you an SSH pubkey when I’m back as a real computer and we can sort out the details.


Is no longer necessary :smiley:

We take for now again the old matrix instance at

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Sounds good to me. Less work, more fun.

If the needs ever change, my offer still stands.

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Is anyone here interested in a matrix account on KYB3R.SPACE?

Not as a competitor to our almighty server-admin @revengeday but more as an extended arm or outgrowth of the holy CORTEX IMPLANT.

But be warned! Outages can occur at any time (there have been none so far) and it may happen at some point that I close the server (not planned).

If you want, send me a PM with your username and I will create your accounts.
Technical details will follow via message.

So long.

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