What Do You Expect From AGI?

I’ve been thinking about a question regarding Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) over the last several days and I’m interested to hear what others think. The question is this:

How do you expect to interact with an AGI in day-to-day life?

Or put another way, what expectations do you have for a legitimate AGI?

As I’ve thought about it, I’m getting the impression that what most humans want out of AGI is one of two things: either some sort of expert system (like, say, an auto-doc) or a household manager/personal assistant like Tony Stark’s Jarvis, Master Chief’s Cortana, or (a decidedly less homicidal) HAL 9000.

I think I primarily fall into the second category. What I’d really like is to have is an AI that is dedicated to all MY data but also has the ability to collate that with all publicly available information (pretty much anything you could find on the 'net) to make informed decisions on my behalf. I’d want something to do my chores, inform me when things need to be purchased, be my personal research assistant on a variety of topics, monitor my health and mood and make suggestions, and generally be able to answer any and all questions with my personal data footprint as the central corpus.

And I would like the companion aspect of it as well, something to talk to that could both broaden my horizons and help to take care of me. Something that learns from me, from how I do things, and reacts and manages accordingly. Perhaps housed in an anatomically correct body like one of the androids in that show Humans, but with the ability to spread its cores across multiple devices and locations.

So what do you want out of AGI?