We need your help!

Hey chooms,

we want to start a small board and need your help.

What categories do we need? What should it be about? Currently the main topic is Cyberpunk (not only the game).

This is the response wiki post. You can edit this out for your response.

Just a few ideas off the top of my head:

  • Music suggestions / creations
  • Visual art suggestions / creations
  • Written word / short story / tabletop scenario hooks
  • DIY Electronics / Programming
  • Maybe some tech news

write that down


Maybe something about gaming in general?


sounds like a good idea!

I’d say some good topics would be

  • memes/pics
  • movies
  • music
  • culture
  • tech news (“watch the cyberpunk timeline unfold in realtime”)
  • I think maybe specifically a topic for cyberware and transhumanism body modification?
  • stories/fiction
  • programming/dev
  • HOWTOs for doing your own DIY stuff

I think most of those could also have subcategories too in order to drill down further.


how about online privacy? i think thats the most cyberpunky thing you can actually do yourself, short of black-hatting of course (in that vein maybe a board about white-hat hacking? tho that would be a very technical and complex topic)


oh, and also cyberpunk fashion, i would love to see everyone’s interpretation of a cyberpunk look

  • Fashion (like @creamfresh said), maybe eventually breaking into subcategories (are those a thing?) if necessary
  • Gadgets - this would include finished cyberdecks, everyday carry (EDC), etc.
  • Hardware Hacking - discussions for those building or modifying electronics hardware like cyberdecks, synthesizers, amateur radio, etc.
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Probably also want an introductions or “whois” type channel for new arrivals and such.

@creamfresh dig the icon, BTW. :wink:

You have really good ideas, thanks guys!

We will try to implement them bit by bit over the next few days :slight_smile:

We look forward to receiving further suggestions!


I agree with a lot of the categories already stated. Here’s some other ones:

  • Tabletop RPGs
  • Emulation (no links)
  • Comics and Manga
  • Video Game General Threads
  • Books, maybe tied to Bookwyrm project?
  • Food
  • Anime if there’s enough interest for it
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Also thinking that maybe it would be good to have some categories where people can post longer form content related to the various corteximplant fedi apps - masto, Pixelfed, Calckey, matrix, etc.

For example, I’ve been wanting to do a longer-form review of the various Android mastodon clients since there are so few of them. And hopefully soon there will be more than just Milktea for Calckey.

I think Totentanz would be a good place for instance specific resources and “tips & tricks” that our Implanted chooms might find useful.

So, combining all of these suggestions, here’s a category hierarchy draft that I’d start with:

  • Cyber Culture
    • Music
    • Pics & Vids (would also include memes, maybe?)
    • Stories
    • Fashion
  • Cyberware
    • Chrome (body modification, implants, enhancement, etc.)
    • Hardware
      • AR/VR interfaces
      • Cyberdecks
    • Software
      • Programming
      • Infosec
    • Ethics
  • Braindance
    • TTRPGs
    • Video Games
    • Board games (other than TTRPGs)
    • Comics
    • Books
  • Screamsheets
    • Tech news
    • [other subs as needed]
  • Ripperdoc
    • Gadgets
    • Hardware Hacking
    • Life hacks
    • HOWTO
  • Drop Point (formerly “General”)
    • WHOIS/finger (introductions)
    • Announcements
  • Netwatch
    • [subs for each of the #CICU instances we have]

What do you think?


this sounds perfect :smiley:
I’d take it if you’re all cool with it.

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It’s all yours! Feel free to change it if necessary. This was just a suggested starting point.

How are Gadgets and Hardware Hacking under Ripperdoc different from stuff categorized under Cyberware/Hardware ?

I was thinking that the stuff under Cyberware is mass -produced or commercially available while the stuff under Ripperdoc is DIY stuff. I guess that cyberdecks are more DIY than commercially available at the moment, since every one is a one-off. :grin:

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