Vaporwave dystopias

This article showed up in my feeds this morning. This artist’s work is reminiscent of some of the vaporwave artwork that appeared on Trapper Keepers back in the 1980s. The scenes are both saccharine and bleak at the same time.

Vibrant 3D dystopian art: exploring Prateek Vatash’s digital art


I dunno why, but that art makes me immediately think of Miami Vice for some reason.

A part of what became the vaporwave aesthetic was in the visual language that Miami Vice used for costumes and set design.

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Tis reminds me of if vaporwave took on more millenium space aesthetics. it’s really cool, thanks for sharing!

I love the color palettes of vaporwave. Thank you for sharing this, I’m definitely keeping an eye on this artist’s work for inspiration. :ok_hand: