uConsole Kit R-01

I just came across this uConsole R-01 device, and I am absolutely obsessed with it. It looks so CYBER and could potentially be the coolest Cyberdeck out there. I mean, just look at the specs!


They do look like ready made Cyberdecks, I’ve spent several insomnia nights finding reasons to or not to place an order.

My big holdouts are the limited stock that means the more capable systems are unavailable, and the limited OS and performance options (which I could hack at but I’m lazy).

See also the small, slightly more capable, but much more expensive MNT Pocket Reform for a similar level of “just can’t justify it” cyberpunk desirability.

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Also worth noting about the MNT units is that they can have an FPGA as the CPU. Which means you can modify/upgrade your CPU with a software patch. That’s the kind of thing that makes me feel like the future has finally arrived.



Clockwork Pi devices are so cool. The DevTerm was the example for my NB-100 Cyberdeck :drooling_face: I love them


I feel like if I wanted to actually practice using the terminal and getting really good I would need this. It just feels nice to have a piece that forces me to learn as opposed to always trying to find the easy way


I did it. It was absolutely worth it. At the moment I try to build a NixOS image for that beauty. The R01 is the fastest in shipment (all other versions need more than 9 months sometimes - mine came after 3 months). The only problem is the RISC V board within, it’s a bit weak. I ordered the adapter module from ClockworkPi and a Raspberry Pi CM4 for more power. But it is a really nice device :purple_heart: