Tiny Tech Zines

A website and org founded for the distribution of zines focused on technology and marginalized communities. I might be getting my zine featured on here so thought it would be cool to plug them since I feel like this place has some things in common!

From the website:
“We are asking: How have our communities harnessed and created technologies for our own needs? How do care and technology come together in deeply meaningful ways?”


Wow, these are pretty sweet! I love seeing how zines are coming back and there’s some really creative stuff available from TTZ. I particularly like the “Moldable” papercraft one and the “Who Am I?” one that’s printed on thermal receipt paper.

Very, very creative. Thanks for sharing this site! Bookmarked!


There is a big “social tech” and “Soft tech” movement happening right now in response of Big Data and Big tech.

Meat space is the best cryptography :wink:

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