The SoloKey V2 looks very cyberpunk

I love being able to see all the SMD components under that clear resin!

Oh and it allows you to securely authenticate via FIDO2/WebAuthn and SSH. Not only does it have a real world use, it also looks cool af. More hardware should be see-through, at least as an option.

What other devices do you know of that can be bought or modded to get a glimpse at the internals?


oh that looks awesome, where can i get one? i was looking to setup some kind of FIDO anyway

I got mine earlier this year after backing their kickstarter campaign over two years ago. I don’t know where you can buy them at the moment but this blog post suggests bringing some patience and preparing for some waiting time.


This looks sick! Also, I kind of forgot these USB key things existed. I should probably look into them, I wonder how secure they are

I was thinking about 3D printing clear cases for the Signet (encrypted password manager).

It started as a suggestion partially in jest, when a mate saw the 3D printed blue case and said it looked really nice, but just using it as a bare PCB was cool. Having a transparent case is the compromise, clearly.

I’m guessing it’ll turn out translucent, but since you’ll be able to take it apart no matter what color they are, inspection was never the issue, it’s just cosmetic.

But based on this thread, it sounds like other might also legitimately enjoy a transparent case, and I’m the type of person to give the people what they want! :grin:

uhhhh, I want one o.o

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