The Robots Are Finally Comin' - For Us

I’m mainly dropping this here for posterity so that right before the last of humanity is snuffed out by the robots, we can take a quick look back at this page with the last dying packets of our decaying communications network and say, “oh yeah, that’s the day that it all actually started.”

The nightmarish, robotic hellhounds that Boston Dynamics have been making for a while now aren’t really new, and we all knew that this day was coming, but they’ve always shied away from depicting their bots being armed and always tried to upsell all their “beneficial” qualities.

Not anymore! That Black Mirror episode has jumped from fiction to reality today, folks! Now not only are these robo-fidos being shown armed - with a frakkin’ flamethrower, no less! - but they’re also being advertised as available to the public for under $10K USD. AND they’re apparently (somehow) legal to operate in the continental US.

I can’t even. Stop this planet, I wanna get off.

Holy shit we’re doomed. Thanks for sharing. It’s frightening! We should organize an “End of the world party“. I mean seriously what could go wrong?

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Yeah, and the company’s “suggested applications” are just laughable:

The company lists possible applications of the new robot as “wildfire control and prevention,” “agricultural management,” “ecological conservation,” “snow and ice removal,” and “entertainment and SFX.” But most of all, it sets things on fire in a variety of real-world scenarios.

I think the question we should be asking is “what could possibly go right?” with this abomination.