The Big List of Mastodon Alternative Web Clients

Okay, so this won’t exactly be a big list at the time of this initial post, but I wanted to get this started and hopefully we’ll be able to add to it over time. This topic is for anyone that doesn’t like the vanilla Mastodon web interface (even with @Sirs0ri’s fantastic userscript on top!) and wants something a little different. Well, I’m here to tell you that there are some options.

  • Elk ( Elk is an alternative front-end that has been in development for a little while, and lucky for you, we have one setup already for our CORTEXIMPLANT Mastodon instance! It has a really clean look and feel, allows some color and theme customizations, and has some other interesting features worth checking out.
  • Phanpy ( This is another (somewhat opinionated) web front end that looks somewhat similar to Elk, but it has a few different features and has a really nice look and feel to it, and has some nice features like conversation threading and pop out conversations. It doesn’t have a multi-column interface though, so if that’s your jam you may not like this one. But it’s definitely worth a test drive.
  • Trunks Trunks is a Mastodon client that is available across all platforms - iOS, Android, and Web. The developer tries to keep the experience the same across all the devices, and this one supports a multi-column mode as well as a single-column mode. Additionally, it has some neat features like digest mode, threading, and “remember last read” features to help keep control of your timeline.

So these are all the alternate web UIs for Mastodon that I know about currently. Know of some other ones? Please feel free to add them in the comments so that folks know where to look in the event that they find that they just don’t like the base Masto interface anymore. :smiley:

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