The Big List of Android Mastodon Clients

Over on Mastodon (, I’ve seen a lot of people asking questions about the various Mastodon clients. Since I run Android primarily, I thought I’d start a thread here that lists all the currently known clients for Android. As this list grows, we can add comments to this thread, and we can also write some reviews for the clients we use in separate posts to help give folks a resource to find the client that fits best for them.

So here, in no particular order, are all the different ways to browse Mastodon on Android:

  • Tusky
  • Tusky Nightly (nightly debug build, could be unstable at times)
  • Megalodon (a fork of the official Mastodon app)
  • Moshidon (a fork of Megalodon)
  • Trunks
  • Fedilab
  • Subway Tooter
  • Official Mastodon app
  • Web UI
  • Web UI in Kiosk mode (a desktop shortcut version that mimics an app)

Did I miss any that you know of? Add ‘em in the comments!


I primarily use Megalodon (but recently switched to Moshidon) and Trunks. Trunks is a new app, but it is under active development and has the beginnings of some really cool features, so I’m monitoring it to see where it goes. Trunks has a beta program that you can sign up for as well (just like Tusky Nightly).