Syn-Ack Introduction

If you’ve come here from one of the #CICU instances, you probably already have a sense of who I am. But if you’re new here, let me write a brief introduction.

Known by many aliases -,,, - I discovered the fedi in November of 2023 and landed on as my first stop. I’m into all things Cyberpunk (duh), all things tech, martial arts (karate), Formula 1, movies, music (drums), and books. I’m a corpo wageslave by day writing software for The Man, but I’m a Netrunner at heart and become more so the longer I hang out on CORTEXIMPLANT-related sites.

I’m a casual video gamer - I recently got a SteamDeck and have been loving it! I like board games (Scythe, Mage Knight, Gloomhaven, and Tapestry are my current faves). I used to play Shadowrun (and now still play the video game adaptations from Hare Brained Schemes), AD&D, and would like to get back into it with Cyberpunk Red or something similar.

I’m a rigger at heart and like fast cars, fast women, and fast food. :smiley: I’m looking forward to getting into some good discussions here and excited to see how this community develops!