Something between Netrunner and Ripperdock

Hey Chooms!

I’m 0x17 - an individual somewhere between netrunner and ripperdoc. A random nerd with a strange operating system in the cortex with some complicated configs.

I love strange devices and i like to build them. Whether input devices for computers or stand-alone cyberdecks.
My metacortex ( serves as a documentation of my adventures in cyberspace. I also talk about input devices and keyboards in audiologs ( There are also audiologs in which I talk to others about the culture of hackers (
I believe a world without corpos and idiots is feasible and I like working on it.
My uploaded entity has found its home in the CORTEXIMPLANT (0x17 ( - CORTEX IMPLANT — a LGBTQIA+ friendly cyberpunk'ish fediverse instance!) and feels very comfortable there.

It’s nice to be here in this dark corner of cyberspace :purple_heart:


I visited your metacortex and discovered the perfect general contact email alias: post@<domain>. I haven’t seen this one before, and he had not occurred to me. I am stealing this idea ;-p

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Dirty thief :smiling_face: go for it

Dirty?! I’m not… oh wait… nevermind. :rofl:

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