Quality Alt-Fashion Stores/Brands?

To be cyberpunk, you also need to be punk!

Whether you need to look the part is your call, but I want to!

I have made my first forays into the world of alt-fashion only recently, ordering some stuff from EMP. Some of it looks really cool and especially the NEOMACHI cyberpunk designs should be interesting to you all.

I just have one problem. The prices are good, but the quality really is nothing to write home about. Of course, it depends on what you get, misc. trinkets and accessories should be fine, but I feel like the actual clothes aren’t gonna last me too long.

So, what are your recommendations? Do you know any (online-)stores that carry high quality alternative fashion? Any specific brands you can recommend?


I don’t think it qualifies as “cheap” (it’s pretty expensive, actually) but there’s ACRONYM (https://acrnm.com/) by Errolson Hugh. It’s classified as techwear and it’s definitely out there, but it is utilitarian and maybe what you’re looking for if you’ve got the scratch.

And apparently Nike ACG and Arcteryx have techwear lines as well, but I don’t know if that’s quite what you’re looking for.

There’s also one that I see scroll across my feed from time to time, and I think it has the #cyberpunk tag applied to it, but for the life of me I can’t remember what the company is called. They have badass leggings, hoodies, and jackets that are styled in really cool cyberpunk designs. If I can find the brand or website, I’ll post it here.

Also found these, which look cool: Fabric of the Universe and Niepce, Inc. which seem to have some interesting products.

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I wish I had any places to link myself, but I did just want to say thanks for showing me EMP! Their stuff looks great

You said the quality isn’t great though, but how bad is it? Like “It’s alright” or “get something else”?

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Depends on what you get, some things are good quality and some things are in a reasonable wearing quality. I personally never had bad clothes (but I was disappointed by the quality of a bagpack I got there), but the comments sometimes say that happens.

I wouldn’t say that it’s really ‘bad’, rather that it is about average and about what you’d expect from seasonal ‘fast-fashion’. Which would be fine usually, but since I feel that counter-culture fashion should be inherently timeless, I want something that last a while.

But, I say go for it, if something looks really good, you got the cash or are a serial shopper anyway.

I’d stay away from the faux-leather jackets though. Mine already has like little nicks at some seams and the hanging loop broke and there is no good way of fixing it. I’m pretty sure accessories are mostly fine though.


I don’t usually like techwear, but that ACRONYM stuff does look fresh. I don’t have that kind of scratch, but I’ll definitely keep that in mind, but more as inspiration, rather than anything else, I guess.

I would spend up to 500 EUR for a really really good jacket, but >2000 EUR is steep to say the least.


Here are a few I’ve collected doing research for school. Most of them tend to fall into the techwear category. Some of them are “drop ship” places which are just reselling mass manufactured items from China.


Work Clothes

  • Blåkläder - has pieces that fit the cyberpunk vibe.
  • Snickers - has pieces that fit the cyberpunk vibe.

Bags & Accessories

  • Alchemy Goods - Bags, wallets, and belts made from old bicycle tubes. Some pieces have a cyberpunk vibe.
  • D4bgs - Focuses on messenger bags

Leave it to @brokenarc to save the day! This is a killer list!

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This list is sick! Not sure if I like tech wear as much myself, but I’ll definitely check it out

Just recently i bought two jackets from the brand Khujo, which I really like. They are not at all specialized in cyberpunk-clothing, but the style of some of their stuff really hits home.

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