Night City Bar server move

As indicated by a dm by @revengeday on, the calckey instance will be torn down and started afresh. User accounts, files, images and posts will not survive this. ETA is within the next couple of days.

My question is, when is what scheduled to happen? What’s the planned timeline? When is NCB shutdown, when is the new instance planned to be available?

I wanna do a backup of all data related to my user account that’s available through the web interface shortly before the shutdown and restore my account soon after the new instance is up and running.


Hi there,
I’m pulling a quote from @revengeday from NCB in response to a similar question:

When this will take place:

Will probably take place between next Friday and Sunday. To be on the safe side, you can move to :sparkles:

I don’t have any more information than this for now but hopefully Revengeday will be able to reply to your questions soon.

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@revengeday posted this announcement this morning on corteximplant. Should answer all of your questions.

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