Hey chooms,

I’ve sunk a little (a lot) of time and Club Mate into a project that I obviously don’t want to withhold from you.

I don’t like defaults. That’s why I decided on an alternative keyboard layout with a focus on terminal use, Vim and tiling window manager (and the name is cool :grin:). If you have a similar area of ​​application, you are welcome to try it out KYB3R_KEYS! :slight_smile:
(The blogpost is in german language but the Layout works well with english :blush: )

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This is really cool! Maybe it’s too late in the evening for me to be reading this, but it has kind of broken my brain. I’m not sure that my grey matter is elastic enough to wrap itself around the concept. However, after I get some rest and my cognitive abilities are somewhat restored, I’ll take another look at it.

It’s damn cool anyway, though! Thanks for sharing it with us! It’ll be awesome to see what the community does with it.

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Thank you :sweat_smile: My brain also hurts while making this. For sure it is not final and will grow in the future but it’s a solid base for my daily use. I would be happy if it brought joy to someone else out there and I am of course open and grateful for feedback. :blush:

I spent a few nights looking at character frequencies in various programming languages ​​and evaluating them. A new symbol layer came out that looks better in terms of distribution and there is a nice tool that also shows me the distribution and frequency of the alphas graphically.

So far it actually looks exactly as I thought it would. The most commonly used letters are placed on the resting positions of the fingers and then become less common on the weaker fingers. That almost counts as science, right?

The character frequencies are also documented now: NERDBUDE

Next step: design a keyboard that fits perfectly for this layout :sweat_smile: