Important Update: Add Some Cyberpunk Flair to Your Posts!

Hey chromeheads,

Today, we’re rolling out what might just be the most crucial update for a board like ours.

Signatures. Yes, you read that correctly. We’re bringing back this relic from the past to help you inject a little more personality into your posts.

Here’s how you can add your signature:

  1. Go to Preferences.
  2. Click on Profile.
  3. Look for My Signature.

Now, a quick word of caution - let’s not go overboard with these signatures. We’re all for self-expression, but we don’t want this to turn into a chaotic visual overload. So, please, no wild gifs or lengthy manifestos. Let’s keep it classy and concise.

Now, if you find yourself annoyed by the signatures of others cluttering up your board experience, fret not. You can hide them with ease:

  1. Head back to Preferences.
  2. Click on Profile.
  3. Locate Enable Signatures.
  4. Toggle it off.
  5. Voila! No more signatures cluttering your view.

We’re excited to see how you all add that cyberpunk touch to your posts. Let’s keep this place stylish and functional!

Stay plugged in!


Seriously, who’s still clinging to those relics called signatures in forums? It’s like they’re stuck in the early 2000s…

Idk, maybe they should make a comeback?

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Does Discourse have the notion of custom emoji? Might be handy to have available for these spankin’ new sigs everyone’s gonna use. :star_struck:

I have seen a function to upload emotes, I will give it a try!