Gizmodo kicks out its Spanish employees - long live AI

AI will not replace jobs!

This is interesting, because I would have thought that translation of an existing article in one language into another would be a prime candidate for an AI use case. Not the generation of articles, but taking one base and transforming it into another.

But I would also think that initially, in the learning phase, it would be useful to have a staff of native-language speakers to proof-read the copy and make sure that it at least makes sense, if not adjust it to have a more “natural” feel (which would then be fed back into the model for future translations). Only after the translation models are reasonably accurate would it make any sort of sense to reduce the human workforce, but unless that accuracy is 99.9% it doesn’t really ever make sense to get rid of all the staff.

I think the likely outcome is that either they end up having to hire humans back to keep things coherent or their readership starts to dwindle to the point that the site shuts down because the AI is generating incoherent drivel. I hope it’s the former.