Fugitive (Shortmovie) by Billain

One of my favorite musicians (Billain) recently made a fascinating short film called “Fugitive,” which features an intriguing cyberpunk narrative.

In this cinematic gem, an enigmatic protagonist embarks on a quest to decipher 150 years of chess. Meanwhile, the once familiar Sarajevo has transformed into Neosarayevo, a city under the ominous influence of a corporation reminiscent of the cybernetic giants we’ve encountered in the past.

Even if it is a hard topic, I recommend you to read the story about Sarajevo on wikipedia. It gives this film a special twist.

You can now experience this cinematic masterpiece on Vimeo’s on-demand platform, and I wholeheartedly recommend you invest a few of your precious Eddies in exchange for this remarkable short film. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to miss!


Wow, this film was AMAZING! I really liked it a lot and well worth the $7 rental price! I’m going to have to watch this a couple of times while I can to get the full impact of it, I think.

One piece of advice for anyone else that watches it: make sure to have the subtitles on. :wink:

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BTW, the wikipedia entry on Sarajevo is pretty long. Is there any particular section to focus on that would enlighten one about the “special twist” of the film that you referred to?

I’m glad I could gain another fan of this short movie :slight_smile:

The “twist” is unfortunately not a nice theme and it is obvious that the artist was influenced by it.

I would like to give a short CW here: War, Genocide (Wikipedia Article)

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Ah, right. Gotcha. You’re right, that does add an impactful twist to the story!

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