Favorite tech device

It can be from AI voice changers, custom rigged keyboards, to something else entirely like a wifi pineapple. I’d love to know the most cyberpunk thing you have.


In terms of high tech dystopia it’s definitely the Alexa smart speakers that know if I am in the room and hear every word, yet never hear me or understand me when I talk to it.

In terms of something more punk it’s probably the box of Arduino cabels, sensors and things that I could program on Ubuntu on the PC I screwed together myself. This weird more or less random electronic parts in this box feel very punk


Possibly my 3D printer. It’s a Flsun Delta printer, which might not the most accurate machines but they’re fast and absolutely amazing to look at when they are running. First thing I made was a temperature regulation enclosure. Then some parts for my frankensteined circuit breaker box to fit some new parts into the old frame. Not sure about the actual cyber-part, but I’d regard a lot of my home-improvement/DIY stuff at least techno-punk.


I’d say my Trezor. It hold my keys for SSHing into servers, logging into my computer, switching between users, and my digital cash.

My runner up would be my Signet because it holds my passwords for those lame sites that don’t support cryptographic authentication. Plus I built it myself and ot helps me keep all my nyms straight. :wink:


Oh! Someone ask about cyberpunk devices :smiling_face: these are my three favorites at the moment:
Fifi (keyboard)
CRKBD (keyboard)
NB100 (diy cyberdeck)


I think mine is my Kinesis Advantage360 programmable split keyboard with weird tenting options. I could also replace the keys with blank ones and reprogram it with macros and such if I wanted to make it more cyberpunk. Combining this with my Logitech MX Ergo thumbball mouse and my computer is pretty much unusable by anyone but me. :smiley:

That, and all of my devices that have various sticker collages all over the lids and/or backs. It doesn’t have any functionality, per se, but it makes me feel cyberpunk as hell when I use them. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Yo, that third pic is really really cool what’s the screen?

Just a random widescreen ordered on Ali express :sweat_smile: nothing special

oh, I thought it was a type of tablet or something similar because it was laying above the keyboard.

The device based on an Amstrad NC100 with not so much space. So I have to glue the display on the case and not in it :smirk:

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Got to be my Yubi Key. It’s tiny, it works with all my devices, and it’s been hanging on my keyring for a couple of years now and not had a single issue. Adding a physical layer to 2FA still feels like I’m living in a Cyberpunk roleplay. Want to access that data on the net, better insert the right chip in the socket my friend!


Since some days I have a new favorite toy. A PinePhone with keyboardcase. A chance to learn more about NixOS on mobile devices :smiling_face:
… and stickers are a must-have on devices :sweat_smile:


The stickers and photo does look sick.