Cyberpunk words for ordinary things

What are your favorite words that describe things in your daily life and sound super cyberpunk?

I just came across this fedi post and thought we might as well collect some of the newspeak here.

Edit: in case that fedi post vanishes, here’s the contents:

microsd = datashard
sd card = datachip
ssd = datablock
hdd = databrick
cd = dataring
flash drive = datastick

hope this clears things up


Definitely makes me want to start using cyberpunk slang in every day life

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I’ve kinda been using microsd = sd = datashard = skillsoft relatively interchangeably lately. I also use “datastick” pretty regularly. Some of the other terms I’ve been using (possibly incorrectly):

laptop = deck
PC/docked laptop = ■■■■■■■■ (that word which shall not be spoken here, apparently) or turtle
keyboard = keeb(s) (and sometimes also deck)
cell phone = digital assistant (also tricorder)
portable ssd = ramdisk/RAMdisk
the fediverse = Shadowland