Cyberpunk Podcasts

Hey, chooms, I wanted to share two podcasts I’ve been listening to a lot which you might find interesting:

The L0WL1F3 Podcast:
“Three cyberpunk dorks taking the piss out of the genre, even as they wade through a reality that resembles fiction more and more each day. Produced in affiliation with

Hosts In The Shell:
“The podcast where Jon Richter and Matt Adcock, writers and cyberpunk fans, discuss the genre’s greatest works, as well as interviewing other cyberpunk creators.”

Hope the links are still functional. I’ve been using the ‘podcast addict’ app to listen to these and they can be found using that apps search function, too.

Maybe you already know them guys, maybe you know even more good podcasts. Anyhow, thought I’d just leave these here for you to check out.


OK, I’m trying to get more exercise these days and podcasts seem like they could make it a lot less boring.

Despite being a millennial, I’m having trouble with the whole podcast thing.

The first link (to owltail dot com) doesn’t seem to have any way to play any episodes. It just tells me what episodes exist. But I found my way over to The L0WL1F3 Podcast | which has a play button. Grand!

Next are the problems I run into all the time with podcasts, and why I’ve never listened to more than one or two episodes:

  1. The browser will stop playing on my phone part way through the episode. Then I have to try to figure out where it left off, that is if it even lets me skip around at all (and it doesn’t look like this one does, it’s just play/pause).
  2. There’s no clear way to download episodes to let me listen offline, avoid buffering issues, or work around the issue #1
  3. I’m not going to remember to check for new episodes. Even if I bookmarked all the podcasts I find that I like, I never look at my bookmarks.

So I guess what I want is an open source Android app that I can install from F-Droid that will tune into the RSS feeds of the podcasts I want to check out, automatically download new episodes and then (optionally) let me know about them. It should also list all episodes and let me download old ones of I want.

Is that a thing? Is this the type of thing other people expect from the podcast experience?