Cyberpunk Architecture

I’m not sure if this is the right category, but here goes:

So, I just saw this video by Abroad in Japan about the Nakagin Capsule Tower, which must be one prime example of a house that makes you feel like you’re in a science-fiction world:

To summarize, each of those capsules is a little apartment, and they are meant to replaced about every 25 years. The design is supposed to be modular, so that the building can adapt to the changing times. In the end, it turned out that is was to expensive to properly replace the old capsules, so it was decided that it was to be torn down in 2022.

Here is another Picture:


What are your favourite examples of architecture that makes you feel ‘cyberpunk’? Be it futuristic structures with overly enthusiastic engineers or opressive brutalism, I’m interested in what you have. (wallpaper material very welcome)


I’ve seen a few photo collections on Inspiration Grid that have this sort of theme:

Occasionally, I also see related things on Yanko Design’s Architecture Feed.


wow, i love these. that’s definitely wallpaper material

Another interesting building that came to mind, is the Dallas City Hall, which was used in the original Robocop as the OCP headquarters. A lot of compositing work went into it to make it look like the futuristic vision of a dystopian Detroit, but the real building already fits the tone quite well.


Strange buildings? Welcome to Berlin A Short Guide To Brutalism In Berlin with @Fotostrasse


That’s what i’m talking about! I especially love the ‘Bierpinsel’

It makes me so sad that they tore these down.

It would be so cool if they build another one of these capsule buildings, but without the flaws of this one. Like with individually removable capsules or something. Or other enhancements like connected capsules if you need more space than just one. If I had one as bed and living room and another one as a kitchen it would be completely awesome for me to live there.
Or imagine buildings like that in multiple cities, you could simply move and bring your room with you. Imagine the possibilities :star_struck:. I like that kind of architecture.


Removable capsules reminds me of the setup that Aperture Science had for test subjects in Portal. The pods could be easily moved around so that the test subject exited into a test chamber.

The concept would make for an interesting dystopia where no one could go outside. A machine moved your pod to a transit hub so you could go to your workplace. And after work, you’d have to wait patiently for your pod to arrive so you would be “home.”


Yeah, somewhat cool and dystopian at the same time…