Connect to Discourse via commandline

Hey. As a netrunner I connect my metacortex mostly via commandline. I use IAMB (GitHub - ulyssa/iamb: A Matrix client for Vim addicts) to chat via Matrix and load TUT (GitHub - RasmusLindroth/tut: TUI for Mastodon with vim inspired keys) to check my corteximplant. Now I also want to use discourse via terminal. Did anybody know a terminal client for this? I can’t find one :unamused:


i’ve found these two

i had problems setting up the second one, but the first one looks promising. you need the nix package manager tho. i actually wanted to try it out before posting but it has already been compiling for half an hour :sweat_smile:

i’ll update when i get done with the setup


build failed :confused:

nix is not the problem - I am running NixOS on all machines. I will have a look later dass n this tool, looks pretty nice. Thank you :blush:

yes. build failed -.-
Time to write my own terminal-client :smiley:

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