BlockZone.ttf - a classic DOS Font (for Cyberpunks!)

Cyberpunk is always a bit retro and I’m sure you’ve wondered what font I’m using on I don’t want to make a secret of it, it’s BlockZone.ttf a classic DOS font that probably everyone has seen before.

By the way, this font is also very suitable for ANSI and ASCII Art!


Stop it! You know I have a weakness for typefaces like this! Oh? You didn’t? Well, now you do. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh no, that’s stupid now. So I shouldn’t share cool fonts here anymore? /jk

Do you mean cool fonts like Berkeley Mono ? I know it’s a paid font but I love and use it nearly everywhere :sweat_smile:

Wow, I think this would look great in my blog as well… Now I’m tempted to try it out!