Asus BTG power through the mobo

I don’t get “why hasn’t anyone done this before” moments very often but when I saw this I thought that. The ASUS ROG BTF video cards and motherboards put the power on the bottom of the card and plugs into the motherboard. They should put this in the PCI standard.

Also probably muy :dollar: :yen: :euro: :pound: That clean look though.

WCCF link


I seem to remember they were showing that off last CES too, wasn’t sure if they were going to stick with it.

Ah I had heard it was at Comupudex over the summer but if it also showed up at CES last year, yeah I wonder if it’ll actually come out then.

Compudex might be what I was thinking of.

yeah, the only reason I can reasonably think of why they haven’t done it before is because it is too expensive to implement for some reason and they would, of course, have to pass that cost on to the consumer.

But I’ve often wondered why this hasn’t been done before myself. It seems like such an obvious thing to do.

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