So for the last 2 months or so, I’ve been falling asleep to these sounds:

I downloaded it and put it into AntennaPod, its automatic sleep timer comes in really handy.

I actually don’t know what exactly makes this cyberpunk, but I wanted to share it because it is very soothing.

So, automated pad synths, POV walking videos, Cyberpunk 2077 Night City footage or just plain generated noise, what do you listen to when you try to not listen to anything?


This is pretty cool! I usually listen to downtempo or chill mixes from Spotify when I’m working, but I do like this as well. I will try using it next time I’m doing something on my computer late at night. I might even try to use it to go to sleep, now that I know about it. I usually use a fan, but in the wintertime I only use the fan for the white noise.

By way of example, here’s one of the generated Spotify playlists I’ve been using recently:


nice find! i like these videos that are several hours long as i’m too lazy to put together and manage playlists. i’d never be able to find all of the cool sources these channels do if i tried anyway.

somafm has some decent ambient streams. DroneZone, SpaceStation, etc, they’re always adding new ones so it’s hard to keep up. i usually have cliqhop on while i work and sometimes a constant ambient stream to kill background noise to nap or meditate. funny how powerful sound can be to tune the mind. and then there’s binaural beats…