About the Life hacks category

Ways to work the system without the need for a soldering gun. Whether it’s finding a new use for an old item or just ways to make life a little easier, this is the forum in which to discuss it. — If your low life is keepin’ you from the high tech, you have to use other means to survive the on the street. Punks have been gaming the system and turning it on it’s ear for a century now and you can get more out of life than you think of you just know where to look and have some imagination. Rules were meant to be broken, choombas.

How’s this for a description blurb?

Tips and tricks for keeping your sanity on the streets of Night City, no cyberware required!

Life hacks is a category for sharing ways to game the system and make the most of what you already have without require additional tools or a lot of eddies. This category is for “the little things” that we can all do to make life on the street livable and maybe, just maybe, a little more pleasant!

That’s what makes this category different than the other hacking categories - topics here aren’t necessarily about just building something new yourself from nothing; it’s more about celebrating the ways that you “void warranties” in ways that make life worth living. Think of this category as not just topics regarding “the right to repair” but extend it to “the right to repurpose”.

The main thing is that this category should contain posts about making life better while spending little to no money (or ways to maximize the money you do spend on something - like coffee!).