About the Fashion category

All about cyberpunk fashion whether it’s IRL or in-game. Links to techwear outlets, showing off your own gear, all is welcome when it comes to the Fashion category. — You can’t just go waltzin’ into Kiroshi for a run in any old gear. You gotta look good while you’re doin’ it, with a style that’s so edgy it cuts like a katana! Ya know, that reminds me of a story I heard in Afterlife once: that even old Saburo himself actually paused for a second to take in some runner’s gear after he somehow made it past his private security to get within spittin’ distance of the old cuss. 'Course, that poor gonk got flatlined about 2 seconds later by a security turret that he forgot about, but he went to that great bitbucket in the sky knowing that Arasaka Sr. was impressed by his style in the 5 nanoseconds before he was obliterated. Let that be a lesson to you, chooms - if yer gonna flame out, look nova for the security feeds!