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Manga, Golden Age, DC, Marvel, Dark Horse. If it’s somewhere between a book and a movie, it belongs here. — There’s this old saying: ‘See ya in the funny papers’ that my grandpa used to say whenever he’d leave after a visit. Me ‘an the boys busted into this ancient old shack out in the badlands one time lookin’ for a place to hide from Johnny Law and underneath the floorboards was this old box full of little books that were nothin’ but cartoons! This must’ve been what old Granddad meant. They weren’t even e-paper or holograms, choom! Jax started readin’ one called ‘Archie & Jughead’ and almost got us caught cuz he was laughin’ so hard. From that day on, we was callin’ him Jughead. Sweet Bartmoss, he hated that name.